6-Year-Old Girl Who Handed Letter to Pope Francis: 'Let Us Fight with Love, Faith and Courage'

Sophie Cruz, 6, led the crowd at the Women's March on Washington in a chant of "si se puede," or "yes we can"

Even the smallest voices can make a big impact.

The little girl who delivered a letter to Pope Francis during his U.S. visit in September 2015 pleading for his help in saving her parents from deportation spoke out in support of immigration reform at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday.

Delivering powerful remarks in both English and Spanish, 6-year-old Sophie Cruz, flanked by her parents and younger sister, told the crowd: “We are here together making a chain of love to protect our families. Let us fight with love, faith and courage so that our families will not be destroyed.”


“I also want to tell the children not to be afraid because we are not alone,” she continued. “There are still many people that have their hearts filled with love and tenderness to snuggle in this path of life. Let’s keep together and fight for the rights. God is with us!”

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After her speech, she led the crowd in a chant of “si se puede!” — which means “yes we can!” in Spanish. The phrase is a popular rallying cry amongst Latinos and was popularized by Cesar Chavez’s fellow activist Dolores Huerte.

Alex Brandon/AP

Sophie, an American citizen whose parents are both undocumented immigrants from Mexico, made headlines in 2015 when she squeezed through security barriers to hand-deliver a letter to Pope Francis during his visit to Washington, D.C.

In her letter, she asked the pontiff to help all immigrant children, writing, “My friends and I love each other without caring about the color of our skin.”

She told CBS News in an interview at the time, “Pope Francis I want to tell you that my heart is sad. And I would like to ask you to speak with the president and the Congress in legalizing my parents because every day I am scared they will take them away from me.”

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