"For a man to be able to publicly refer to a woman as a fat pig, that makes me teary," Will Smith said in a new interview

Credit: Joe Russo/imageSPACE/Sipa/AP

Will Smith is speaking out against presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Smith expressed his outrage with Trump’s past comments toward women, calling his supporters “collective insanity.”

“For a man to be able to publicly refer to a woman as a fat pig, that makes me teary,” Smith told the Australian news outlet news.come.au. “And for people to applaud, that is absolutely f—— insanity to me.”

The actor, 47, said he was taught not to disrespect women, and holds his public officials to the same ideal.

“My grandmother would have smacked my teeth out of my head if I had referred to a woman as a fat pig,” he continued. “And I cannot understand how people can clap for that. It’s absolutely collective insanity.”

Smith went on to say that he would be equally as angry if he heard one of his own children making derogatory comments about women.

“If one of my sons, I am getting furious just thinking about it, if one of my sons said that in a public place, they couldn’t even live in my house anymore.”

And despite Trump receiving the Republican nomination, Smith said he has “faith” that America will not elect him as the next president.

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“For me, deep down in my heart, I believe that America won’t and we can’t [elect Trump],” he said, once again calling out Trump’s comments. “Of all the things he has said, and we could go through the laundry list, that was the one that was such an absolute illustration of a darkness of his soul. I just cannot figure out how people can clap for that.”

He continued: “I have faith in America. America has had really critical times, but the good tend to make their way to the top.”