Will.I.Am Blasts Donald Trump in 'Grab 'em By the P----' Funny or Die Music Video

will.i.am ft Apl.de.ap and Liane V – GRAB'm by the PUSSY (Official Music Video) from Funny Or Die

Warning: The above video contains foul language.

Will.I.Am has a serious message about Donald Trump.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman did not hold back in a new music video — in collaboration with Funny Or Die — called “GRAB’m by the P—-,” in which he condemned the GOP nominee for the controversial remarks that have marred his campaign — particularly the infamous hot-mic video in which the presidential candidate made lewd comments about women.

“I’m a star ’cause I made it/ I’m rich and I’m famous,” the song begins. “Donald Trump said to grab you by the p—–/ Donald Trump said to grab you by the p—–.”


In the music video, Will.I.Am is dressed like Trump in a suit and blonde, disheveled wig, and appears to dismiss singer Liane V. as she croons, “No, you got it all wrong/ I’m a woman/ and I’m strong/ and don’t you forget it.”

The song also features Will.I.Am’s band member Apl.de.Ap.

At the end, the video takes a turn for the serious, with Will.I.Am declaring that Trump should not be president.


“This is not a circus, a TV show or a movie. This is real life with real life problems. We need a leader that not only will lead America but will help heal the world,” the musician says, dressed in a black hat and a black button-down shirt, encouraging voters to get to the polls.

“When you vote, please vote for the candidate that can do that, and it’s obvious, it’s Hillary [Clinton].”

He adds: “Please vote so we can put this awesome leader to work, and we can stop playing these games.”

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