"Biden and the administration have proven they are ready to step up and lead in ways President Trump is not," Hefner tells PEOPLE
cooper Hefner
Cooper Hefner (left) and Joe Biden
| Credit: cooper Hefner/ Instagram

If his yard sign (and his recent tweet back at Donald Trump Jr.) somehow left any doubt, Cooper Hefner knows exactly who he is voting for in November's presidential election.

A businessman-turned-political candidate and the son of late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, Cooper tells PEOPLE he's supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Biden's running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris.

"Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris are public servants who hold decency in hand while remaining focused on fixing the problems of the present," says Cooper, 29. "Whether we're discussing climate policy, providing healthcare to Americans or devising an economic stimulus package that will consistently help those most in need during the public health crisis, Biden and the administration have proven they are ready to step up and lead in ways President Trump is not."

Calling Donald Trump a "one-trick pony," Cooper adds that in his view the president works to divide the country — rather than unite it.

"Like many, I'm drawn to leadership that find opportunities to build on the things that positively connect us all," he says. "For that reason, among many others, I look forward to a new administration serving in the White House following Election Day this November."

"We should not normalize what's happening today," Cooper says. "Our democracy is not a game of cat and mouse. Our government institutions are not pawns to be used to garner television ratings."

cooper hefner
Cooper Hefner (right) with his wife, Scarlett
| Credit: cooper hekner/ instagram

Cooper — a Los Angeles native who joined the family business at 21 before branching out from media into politics, recently launching a bid for a California state Senate seat — has made public his support for Biden in the past, posting photos of the former vice president on social media.

He's also made no secret of his criticism of President Trump, describing Trump's decisions as "un-American" and urging his followers to vote in the upcoming election.

Last week, Cooper responded to Trump's oldest son, Don Jr., who had suggested that those who have campaign signs for Biden in their yard don't show their support for the American flag.

"Here's a photo of me in front of my home. So, WTF are you talking about @DonaldJTrumpJr?" Cooper wrote back on Twitter, along with a photo of himself in front of both a Biden-Harris campaign sign and an American flag.

The U.S. Air Force reservist married actress Scarlett Byrne last year and welcomed a daughter with her in August. His current campaign focuses largely on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, California's homelessness issue and climate change.