Nicholas A. Ferroni sets out to teach his students what if a classroom was run like congress but in reverse

By Dave Quinn
Updated September 08, 2016 10:00 AM

Ready to get schooled about the gender gap in Congress?

Well buckle up, because one high school teacher is on a mission to do just that.

New Jersey educator Nicholas A. Ferroni – whom PEOPLE named the Sexiest Teacher Alive in 2014 – held a little experiment with his students recently.

Knowing that men make up 80 percent of congress and therefore have the majority vote on issues that affect women, the 37-year-old history teacher wanted to show his male students what would it would be like if the situation were reversed.

So with a camera in hand, he invited a handful of males to a mock class congress that had 80 percent girls – turning the tables on the makeup of the U.S. Congress.

Voting on policies such as reduced dance ticket prices for women and the location of men’s lockers, the male students came face to face with the harsh realities of what it feels like when they are outnumbered and outvoted on issues that affect them.

“I thought it was real biased,” said one student, Justin. “Feel like women obviously feel like I felt. Kind of unfair because it was only just six of us guys against 20-something girls. So I felt kind of unmatched.”

“I was astonished,” another student said. “This is not right.”

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The result? Some highly upset students.

This isn’t the first time Ferroni has used his platform to let students know about hot-button issues.

Ferroni was recently recognized by the Human Rights Campaign for his public advocacy on behalf of LGBT youth, including a PSA that he put together in August.

“To all my fellow educators out there,” Ferroni says in the video, “please openly and proudly support all your students, but especially your LGBT students, because they desperately need us to. And we may be the only ones who do support them.”

“Not only because it’s the right thing, but because it will save lives.”