Alexandra Rockey Fleming
January 21, 2017 12:30 PM

After Arissa Young learned that Donald Trump won the presidency, she knew just what she wanted for her 14th birthday: a ticket to the Women’s March on Washington.

“My mom came into my room one day after the election and said ‘I heard there’s a women’s march.’ I said: I have to go!’ This is my birthday present. I turned 14 yesterday. It’s a pretty amazing birthday present,” Young told PEOPLE at the march after traveling from Garden Valley, Idaho, with her mother and friend Athena Thomas.

She also opened up about her reasons for attending the march.

“I’m here because I believe in women’s rights. Our world has gotten way too patriarchal to sit here and do nothing,” she said. “At my school I get dress-coded a lot and I feel like if a boy were to wear the same thing, he wouldn’t get dress-coded at all.

“Trump has said some very patriarchal things. I don’t understand why people would want him as president, even after they’ve heard him. It makes my stomach sick to think that people even think he should be our president. I’m here to protest against Trump to show people in my school and the world that I have some power too.”

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Young also plans to continue protesting Trump when she returns home.

“I have this pin on my jacket that says ‘he’s not my president,’ and I’ve pissed off so many people in my school with that. But … I can come to one of these marches and go home and tell people about it and maybe make them feel inspired,” she said. “I’m just a 14-year-old girl but I’m going to this historic march, so maybe it will show people that they can make a difference too. Maybe people will start thinking that it’s really unfair — our patriarchal world — and maybe they’ll see some truth in that.”

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