Vladimir Putin participated in an annual exhibition hockey game in Sochi on Friday, but his game wasn't the most memorable part of the event

By Karen Mizoguchi
May 10, 2019 05:58 PM

Vladimir Putin had an embarrassing moment on ice — and it was captured on camera for all to replay.

The Russian president, 66, participated in an annual exhibition hockey game in Sochi on Friday, but his game wasn’t the most memorable part of the event.

As he prepared to exit the ice, Putin, who was leading his team around the rink one final skate, waved to the crowd for a victory lap but did not appear to see the red carpet that was in his path.

Unaware of the patch right in front of him, Putin tripped over the carpet and tumbled to the ice on all fours.

The fall may have not been the cherry on top of Putin’s day despite scoring eight goals, Sports Illustrated reported.

He plays in the exhibition match every year alongside former NHL players and Russian hockey stars. But it’s no surprise who ends up being the MVP every year.


Putin has often shown his affinity for sports. In addition to shirtless horseback riding, he has shown off his athletic prowess by being a judo blackbelt and took part in the 2018 FIFA World Cup when the games were held in Russia.

That summer, Putin gifted a soccer ball to Donald Trump that reportedly may have contained a transmitter chip.

While some have speculated that the ball was bugged, the chip turned out not to be a spy tool but rather a technological feature of the Adidas AG soccer ball that’s designed to connect fans to player videos, competitions and other content through their mobile devices.