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October 14, 2016 10:03 PM

After Donald Trump addressed the sexual assault allegations that have been made against him at a rally in North Carolina on Friday, former seasons 6 Apprentice contestants and good friends Jenn Hoffman and Nicole D’Ambrosio came forward to discuss their own experiences with him.

During a Facebook live session with The New York Times, Hoffman — a reporter/writer — started the conversation by describing her first encounter with the GOP nominee.

“The comments that start coming from him immediately: you’re a beauty, you’re a knockout, but you’ve got a mouth on you,” Hoffman explained. “It’s at first very friendly, but very immediate. Immediately you know that he’s definitely observing the way you look.”

“I noticed the pattern that he went down the line and talked about every single girls’ looks in the audition,” she added.

D’Ambrosio had a different view. “I really wasn’t bothered by it,” the real estate investor revealed.

“There were definitely things that were said, but they were words,” D’Ambrosio said. “I just feel like men think that way. That tape with Billy Bush, that’s how men talk in private. I worked at a bar in college, that’s how men talk. I feel like any man that says they don’t talk like that, you’re kind of lying.”

Multiple women have spoken out against Trump this week, claiming they were involved in incidents of assault or misconduct at the hands of the GOP nominee.

Though Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations, describing them as “total fiction” and admitting that he has “no idea who these women are,” the allegations continue to arise.

Hoffman, who described Trump as having “categories of women,” explained her take on the former reality TV host’s views.

“He has women that he doesn’t find attractive and he has no use for them,” Hoffman said. “Maybe they could work on something for him but he certainly doesn’t care about sleeping with them. He’s more dismissive of them. Then, the women that he wants to sleep with, you can see it in his eyes.”

Though D’Ambrosio remained loyal to her opinion of Trump, Hoffman said that the businessman is solely “promoting rape culture.”

“I think that shows a lack of respect for — no that’s not just the way all men act, that’s how this creepy guy acted,” Hoffman said. “That’s so unfortunate that he did that and to even say that’s something you should accept but don’t worry about it, it promotes this era of rape culture, sexual harassment at work, it shows a complete lack of understanding of what women go through, from a woman’s perspective.”

“It felt like Donald Trump knew he could take whatever he wanted,” Hoffman later added. “It felt that way every day when we were on set. ”



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