October 10, 2016 06:49 AM

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have been the ones talking on stage, but the rest of the country had quite a bit to say about the presidential debate, too — and they took to Twitter to get their thoughts out there.

Lots were hopping on the Trump train.

And there were plenty of people who were #WithHer, too.


Of course, there were some comments about the video released on Friday of Trump making lewd comments about women.

The fly that landed on Clinton’s face certainly did not go unnoticed.


Others just kind of vented.

There were a few comments about this, erm, sniffles.

And others couldn’t help but notice Trump standing behind Clinton on stage.

One of the most popular tweets of the night masterfully spoofed both Trump’s lurking posture–and his claim that Muslim-Americans don’t do enough to report on suspected terrorists in their communities.


Oh, and did we mention that fly?


A few people took a guess at what was going on over at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters.

All around, it seemed there were quite a few people who were pretty unhappy.

But that didn’t stop people from making predictions for next time.

Whether one of those come true, well, we’ll just have to see at the next debate on October 19.

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