Presidential Pique? Trump Renews Feud with 'Vanity Fair' Editor After Scathing Review of His Restaurant

A Vanity Fair reporter blasted Trump Grill as possibly "the worst restaurant in America"

Looking up at the 5th avenue Trump Tower
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Donald Trump‘s decades-old beef with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter is back on the menu.

The president-elect took to Twitter Thursday morning to blast the journalist who notably once referred to Trump as a “short-fingered vulgarian” in the pages of now-defunct Spy magazine.

“Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @VanityFair Magazine,” Trump wrote. “Way down, big trouble, dead! Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out!”

Trump’s tweet-sult du jour appears to be retaliation for a story published on Vanity Fair’s website on Wednesday — and prominently displayed on its homepage Thursday — that blasts Trump Grill as possibly “the worst restaurant in America.

Later, Vanity Fair seemingly responded to the tweet on its Twitter page, slyly noting that the publication is “way up, big success, alive!”

Staff reporter Tina Nguyen wrote the review after a visit to the steakhouse, located in the lobby of Trump Tower, that left her feeling nauseated and compelled to brush her teeth — twice.

Nguyen took issue with everything from the food (“flaccid, gray” Szechuan dumplings, “overcooked and mealy” steak and Trump’s favorite — the infamous taco bowl) to the drinks (“spring-break-colored” cocktails and “chunky” Bloody Marys) to the decor (“French-ish paintings that look as though they were bought from Home Goods”).

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“The allure of Trump’s restaurant, like the candidate, is that it seems like a cheap version of rich,” Nguyen wrote, saying the restaurant “reveals everything you need to know about our next president.”

She also pointed out that indecision rules, with the restaurant seemingly uncertain whether its own name is Trump Grill or Trump Grille.

Later Thursday, Daily Beast political reporter Olivia Nuzzi tweeted a photo that seemed to sum up everything wrong with the establishment — drawing attention to a vodka martini puzzlingly served in a wine glass as martini glasses are visible in the background.

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With lines like “Trump’s Great America tastes like an M.S.G.-flavored kitchen sponge lodged between two other sponges” it may not be surprising that Trump took the feud to Twitter, his favorite medium for addressing his enemies.

Perhaps less predictable was this zinger from Chrissy Teigen:

Over on Yelp, where Trump Grill has a 2.5-star rating (out of 5 stars), many reviewers echoed Nguyen’s disdain for the restaurant’s decor and food offerings.

“First thing that hits you is the horrible decor. I guess you’d call it Trump Tacky,” wrote one Yelper.

“The cobb salad nor the quesadilla’s weren’t the best or HUUGE,” complained another reviewer.

And one Yelper, who may or may not have actually dined at Trump Grill, quipped on Thursday, “Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @Trump Grill. Way down, big trouble, dead! Donald Trump, no talent, will be out! Sad.”

Others on Twitter lashed out at Trump, saying he should be less concerned about a bad review of his restaurant and more with the humanitarian crisis in the Syrian city of Aleppo, where the United Nations reported that Syrian pro-government forces have been killing people, including women and children, in their homes and on the streets.

And Rolling Stone contributing editor David Kushner wrote: “The fact that Trump would rather troll Vanity Fair than get briefed on Aleppo is sociopathic.”

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