This is not the first time that Trump's pop culture tweets have boomeranged on him

President Donald Trump this week tweeted a clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s season 10 premiere showing Larry David de-escalate a road rage situation with a biker by putting on a “Make America Great Again” hat — which calms the violent and vulgar man down.

The problem with the president’s tweet? Trump, 73, didn’t seem to realize he was the butt of the “MAGA” hat joke.

“TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!” he tweeted on Monday, sharing the clip from the January episode (which includes profanity).

In the episode, the moment is further proof for David’s character (a fictionalized version of himself) that, in his view, a “MAGA” hat works as “people repellent” — of decent people, except Trump supporters like the biker in the clip.

David’s character uses the “MAGA” hat to avoid lunch meetings and keep seats open next to him at restaurants around town, while his friend Jeff Garlin tries to convince him that it’s a bad idea that will ruin his reputation in Hollywood.

Some Twitter users were quick to point out the president’s apparent error, with a reporter responding for clarity that “there’s a storyline in this episode where Larry wears a MAGA hat to get out of social situations.”

Others took the opportunity to zing Trump, while one user defended him, writing that he “has the best sense of humor.”

Donald Trump and Larry David
President Donald Trump (left) and Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm
| Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty

“This is peak idiocracy,” a Trump critic tweeted. “The President is so stupid that he can’t even tell Larry David is making fun of him in this episode. I guess that makes sense, because Trump allegedly does not have a very sophisticated sense of humor.”

“That moment when you don’t realize you are the punchline,” another joked.

This is not the first time that Trump’s pop culture tweets have boomeranged.

In December, his re-election campaign tweeted out a video of the president as Marvel supervillain Thanos destroying the Democrats’ impeachment efforts — however, Twitter users noted Thanos is a mass-murdering lunatic who is defeated.

Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted out a Simpsons meme of Lisa Simpson in which she rips up an essay in an attempt to mock House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for similarly ripping up a copy of Trump’s State of the Union address.

But Twitter users, including the Simpsons crew, noted the irony of Pompeo’s tweet given that Lisa was ripping up an essay she wrote about her belief in government because she was distraught over witnessing a Congressman orchestrate a bribe.

As for David, 72, he was recently asked by radio host Michael Kay if he was worried the “MAGA” hat joke in Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s premiere would alienate viewers who supported the president.

“Alienate yourselves. Go. Go and alienate, you have my blessing,” David said. “No, I could give a f—.”