July 25, 2017 08:28 AM

President Donald Trump started his speech in front of a huge crowd of Boy Scouts at a national jamboree Monday by asking, “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?”

Turns out, he did.

During his 35-minute speech, Trump attacked former president Barack Obama, mocked his former rival Hillary Clinton and threatened to fire Human Services Secretary Tom Price if he doesn’t deliver votes for the GOP’s health care bill.

“By the way, just a question. Did President Obama ever come to a jamboree?” Trump asked the crowd of 40,000, many of whom booed in response.

“The answer is no, but we’ll be back,” Trump said.

Obama, who was a Boy Scout, addressed a 100th anniversary scouting event in 2010 by video, according to The Hill.

The president also bragged about his victory over Clinton in the 2016 campaign, reliving Election Night 2016, or as he called it, “that famous night on television.”

“You remember that incredible night with the maps,” Trump said, noting that the maps were “so red” that the pundits who had expected a Clinton victory were speechless.

Steve Helber/AP
Carolyn Kaster/AP

Trump also warned that he would fire Price — a former Boy Scout himself — if the U.S. Senate does not vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Are you gonna get the votes? He better get them,” Trump told the Scouts as Price came onstage. “He better get them. Oh, he better! Otherwise I’ll say, ‘Tom, you’re fired.’ I’ll get somebody.”

Listing off the virtues of Boy Scouts, Trump said, “As the scout law says, a scout is trustworthy, loyal. We could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that.”

Steve Helber/AP

Trump, who was not a Boy Scout, has received severe backlash from current and former members of the organization, who criticized the president for using the gathering as a political rally.

Filmmaker Michael Moore called the speech a “shocking abuse of children.”

“I’m an Eagle Scout. Trump using the 30,000 BoyScouts as his props tonight was a scene out of Triumph of the Will,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The Boy Scouts of America is wholly non-partisan and does not promote any one position, product, service, political candidate or philosophy,” the organization said in a Monday night statement, according to The Hill.

“The invitation for the sitting U.S. President to visit the National Jamboree is a long-standing tradition and is in no way an endorsement of any political party or specific policies. The sitting U.S. President serves as the BSA’s honorary president.  It is our long-standing custom to invite the U.S. President to the National Jamboree.”

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