Trump Insisted 16 Times That There's Been 'No Collusion' with Russia — and Twitter Had Feelings

During an impromptu interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump set social media on fire after he insisted 16 different times that there had been "no collusion" with Russia

Photo: Mikhail Metzel / Getty Images

Donald Trump can’t stop claiming there hasn’t been any collusion with Russia.

On Thursday, during an impromptu interview with The New York Times at Trump’s golf club in West Palm Beach, the president set social media on fire after he insisted 16 different times that there had been “no collusion” discovered between his administration and Russia.

Referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, Trump went on to say that “it makes our country look very bad, and it puts the country in a very bad position.”

“The sooner it’s worked out, the better it is for the country,” he continued.

Trump also added that even though the investigation makes America look bad, he thought Mueller was “going to be fair.”

But despite the president’s insistence that there had been no collusion with Russia, social media wasn’t convinced.

“Donald Trump said ‘No Collusion’ 16 times in his NYT interview. If he would had said it 20 times, then Beetlejuice would have appeared,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user attempted to make a comparison between Trump and the musician Shaggy, who famously urged his friend to say he hadn’t cheated on his girlfriend, despite the fact that she had literally caught him red-handed in the 2000 song “It Wasn’t Me.”

“By the numbers,” wrote the Twitter user. “Trump: ‘No collusion.’ 16 times. Shaggy: ‘It wasn’t me.’ 14 times.”

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But one social media user had a slightly different take on Trump’s “no collusion” repetition.

“I have a vision (first time I swear),” they wrote. “I see Donald Trump repeating ‘no collusion,’ ‘no collusion,’ endlessly. He is in the middle of a small room, rocking back and forth, wearing a straight-jacket. Weird, huh?”

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