Tomi Lahren Speaks Up About 'Embarrassing' Drink-Throwing Attack and Gets Shout-Out from Trump

Tomi Lahren appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning to speak out about an incident in which a critic tossed a drink at her at a Minneapolis restaurant over the weekend

President Donald Trump has spoken out in support of Tomi Lahren, calling her a “truly outstanding and respected young woman” Wednesday morning, around the same time she appeared on Fox & Friends to speak out on an incident in which a critic tossed a drink at her at a Minneapolis restaurant over the weekend.

Lahren, 25, explained that she was at brunch with her parents when a group of patrons she assumed to be around her age threw water at her and “chanted profanities.” She called the incident “embarrassing.”

“I think that those that threw the water and were applauding and laughing about it wanted to get their 15 minutes of fame by making video of me. I think looking back, those are the people that are going to be embarrassed by their actions. I think their parents raised them better,” Lahren said.

“Furthermore, you don’t have to like me, you don’t have to agree with my political opinions, but you don’t have the right to throw things at me,” she continued. “Is that the point that we got in this country, that you can’t disagree with somebody civilly without resorting to something like that? It’s really disheartening, but again, I’m tough, I can handle it.”

“Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a truly outstanding and respected young woman!” wrote Trump on Twitter shortly after, tagging the Fox News show.

Lahren responded to the president’s tweeted by re-posting it with an American flag on her own account.

Lahren was reportedly involved in a confrontation while out to brunch at a rooftop restaurant in Minneapolis over the weekend — and it culminated in one critic tossing a drink at her.

Footage from the incident posted on social media showed Lahren leaning over a table, apparently in the middle of a heated exchange with a fellow patron. Another video showed a woman throwing a drink at Lahren as she walked out of the restaurant.

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Several other detractors can be heard shouting obscenities at Lahren in a third, NSFW video posted on Twitter.

The bouncer in the video, identified by The Blast as Jeremy Jackson, told the outlet that the Fox News contributor had claimed earlier that she noticed the group “scowling at her” and said, “Just another day in the life” as she walked by them.

After the drink — reportedly water — was tossed in Lahren’s direction, Jackson said he stepped in to break up the disagreement. “I said [to Lahren], ‘I’d like to separate you all if can please –’ and she responded, ‘You’re just going to kick me out for them throwing water? Unbelievable.’ ”

Jackson explained that he was not throwing her out, but said Lahren walked out anyway. He later escorted out the woman who threw the drink.

“This was something that was embarrassing for my and embarrassing for my family,” Lahren later said on Fox & Friends. “At the end of the day I’m a person too, and I do get humiliated and embarrassed just like anyone else.”

Witness Devan Madison also told The Blast that his friend was serving Lahren and her mother at the restaurant and that, “My friend told me she [Tomi] was extremely rude and had a big attitude.” Madison claims that after the drink was thrown at Lahren, “literally the entire restaurant started cheering.”

But even some of Lahren’s fiercest critics spoke out against the physical attack.

Comic Kathy Griffin, who made headlines last year for a photo in which she was holding a mask of President Trump’s bloodied head, tweeted: “I couldn’t disagree more with @TomiLahren, but I don’t think it’s cool to resort to physical actions to make your point. The first amendment is a beautiful thing – use it.”

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