Chaos Ensues at Trump Rally as Supporters Shout Nazi Salute and Death Threats at #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

Several physical fights broke out at a Las Vegas rally for Donald Trump the night before the final Republican debate of the year


At a Las Vegas rally for Donald Trump on Monday night, Black Lives Matter protesters received death threats from Trump supporters and were forcefully escorted out by security.

As one protester was dragged out of the event, supporters in the crowd yelled, “Shoot him,” “Kick his ass” and “Sieg heil,” a Nazi salute, NBC News reports.

MSNBC reporter Benjy Sarlin, who attended the rally, tweeted that as another protester was removed from the venue, a Trump supporter shouted, “He’s a Muslim guy! He’s a Muslim guy!”

The Washington Post reports that as several people attempted to eject a protester who was lying on the ground, someone in the crowd shouted, “Light the motherf—– on fire!”

According to the Post, Trump, 69, berated the media for paying more attention to the protesters than to him, saying, “They only turn when there’s a protester.” He also joked that he had staged the altercations in an attempt to get reporters to turn and take note of the size of the crowd gathered.

The violent rally came the night before Trump is set to take the stage at the final Republican debate of the year, which will be hosted by CNN and Facebook in Las Vegas Tuesday.

In his speech on Monday, the presidential hopeful said of the debate, “This will not be an evening in paradise for me.” However, he added, “So far everyone that has attacked me has gone right down the tubes.”

Also at the rally, Trump reportedly questioned why young Syrian men “have cell phones,” claimed that “the drugs pour across” the Mexico-U.S. border, and referred to terrorists as “animals.”

“I promise you this,” he added, according to Politico, “President Trump will never change his tune … This country needs to get away from political correctness. It’s killing us. It’s killing us.”

The final Republican debate of 2015 will air Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on CNN.

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