November 15, 2017 05:22 PM

Back in 2013, then-businessman Donald Trump ridiculed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for sipping water during his response to the State of the Union.

“Next time Marco Rubio should drink his water from a glass as opposed to a bottle — would have much less negative impact,” Trump tweeted at the time. He also revived the criticism on the campaign trail last year in an attempt to undermine his then-rival for the GOP presidential nomination.

Now, the tables have turned.

In an awkward moment on Wednesday, Trump paused in the middle of a live speech at the White House to search for a drink of water.

After checking under his lectern and coming up empty-handed, Trump was directed to a small table nearby stocked with Fiji water bottles. He then picked up a bottle with both hands and took a sip — a gesture that quickly captured the internet’s attention.

Donald Trump

To the delight of many, Rubio himself was one of the first to poke fun of the moment on Twitter.

“Similar, but needs work on his form,” Rubio critiqued in a tweet. “Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time.”

Even some Rubio critics had to admit it was a “nice burn.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza and others also mocked Trump on Twitter.

The ridicule even briefly spilled over, so to speak, to Wikipedia, where someone revised the Fiji Water page to say: “Fiji water is the official thirst quencher of Donald Trump.”

The line was soon removed, however, apparently by a Wikipedia editor.

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