Tom Brady Explains Why a Question About Donald Trump's 'Locker Room Talk' Sent Him Running

Tom Brady declined to answer a question about Donald Trump's "locker room talk" during a press conference last week

Tom Brady
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Tom Brady bolted from a post-game press conference on Wednesday after a reporter asked him a question about Donald Trump‘s 2005 leaked lewd comments — which the Republican presidential nominee has written off as “locker room talk.”

“How would you respond if your kids heard Donald Trump’s version of locker room talk?” the reporter asked Brady — prompting the 39-year-old Patriots quarterback to swiftly exit the stage.

In a radio interview with Boston’s WEEI Tuesday, Brady revealed he left in an effort to avoid headlines.

“I’ve been in an organization where we’re taught to say very little,” Brady explained. “We have respect for our opponents and we don’t do the trash-talking. The thing I’ve always thought is, ‘I don’t want to be a distraction for the team.’ That’s what my goal is. Not that there are things I’ve said and done that haven’t been, but you try not to be.”

“It’s just hard enough to win and prepare without the distractions. So when you start having the distractions, it’s even harder to prepare. You just try to do the best you can do,” said Brady, who recently return to the team after a four-game suspension related to the deflategate scandal.

While Brady didn’t go further into Trump’s “locker room” comments, he did say that he considers Trump, 70, to be a friend — and that he does not “hold grudges on anybody.”

Evan Vucci/AP
Evan Vucci/AP

The two met in 2002 — just as Brady claimed his first Super Bowl title, reports CBS Sports. He was hired by Trump’s organization as a judge on the Miss USA pageant. The pals have remained supportive of one another since.

“I met him probably 15, 16 years ago,” Brady said of Trump. “We’ve played golf together many, many times and I’ve always had a good time with him. He’s been a friend of mine.”

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“He’s supported our team,” Brady added. “He’s supported the Patriots. He’s been on the Patriots sideline a lot. He’s always called me after games to encourage me over the course of 15 years. That’s kind of the way it is.”

While Brady didn’t say whether Trump would get his vote on Nov. 8, he did tell hosts Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan that he plans to vote.

“Yeah, I’ll vote,” said Brady. “Maybe we’ll talk about [my vote] after Super Tuesday or whatever it is.”

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