Tom Arnold Claims He Has 'Apprentice' Outtakes of Trump Saying the N-Word, the C-Word and Calling His Son a 'Retard'

Tom Arnold said he received a copy of the outtakes from two editors and an associate producer who worked on The Apprentice

Tom Arnold
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Actor and comedian Tom Arnold claims he has unreleased outtakes from The Apprentice of Donald Trump using “offensive, racist” language, including the N-word, the C-word and the word “retard.”

“I have the outtakes to The Apprentice where he says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever,” Arnold said on Dori Monson’s KIRO Radio show last Friday. (The news station shares audio of the interview here.)

“It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children,” he added.

A rep for Trump did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment on the alleged tapes.

Arnold said he received a copy of the outtakes from two editors and an associate producer who worked on The Apprentice, adding that they had put together the compilation as a joke because they didn’t expect the real estate mogul to win the presidency.

“[When] the people sent it to me, it was funny. Hundreds of people have seen these. It was sort of a Christmas video they put together. He wasn’t going to be president of the United States,” Arnold said.

After it became clear that Trump actually had a strong chance of winning the election, Arnold claims Hillary Clinton and new Apprentice star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s agent contacted him and urged him to release the tapes.

“The Sunday before the election, I get a call from [Schwarzenegger’s] CAA agent, sitting next to [Clinton]. They said, ‘I need you to release him saying the N-word.’ I said, ‘Well, now these people – two editors and an associate producer — are scared to death. They’re scared of his people, they’re scared of they’ll never work again, there’s a $5 million confidentiality agreement.’ ”

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Arnold, who has known Trump for decades, also said he doubts releasing the tapes before the election would have derailed Trump’s campaign. “I think if the people that like him saw him saying the N-word — he’s sitting matter-of-factly in front of there has to be 30 people there, and he’s matter-of-factly saying all of this stuff. So I think they would have liked him more, the people. For being politically incorrect.”

In October, after footage surfaced of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush, former Apprentice producer Bill Pruit hinted on Twitter that there were “far worse” tapes of Trump.

The following day, television producer Chris Nee claimed on Twitter that the rumored footage included Trump saying the N-word.

“I don’t have the tapes. I’ve signed a Burnett contract & know leak fee is 5 mill. Hearing from producers/crew N word is the ‘much worse’,” Nee tweeted at the time, per Fortune. The footage was never released and Nee’s tweets appear to have been deleted.

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Around the same time, it was reported that Trump had allegedly called actress and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Marlee Matlin “retarded.” Matlin, who is deaf, responded to the reports on Twitter, saying:

“There are millions of Deaf and hard of hearing people like me, in the United States and around the world who face discrimination and misunderstanding like this on a daily basis. It is unacceptable.”

“So what’s my response? It’s not about insults or taking each other down. As a person who is Deaf, as a woman, as a mom, as a wife, as an actor, I have a voice. And I’m using that voice to make myself heard…and vote.”

Trump’s rep told PEOPLE in a statement at the time that there was no truth to the report that he had called Matlin “retarded.” “Marlee Matlin is such a nice person, and Mr. Trump has great respect for her, but this report is completely false,” the statement said.

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