YouTube superstars Todrick Hall, GloZell Green and Sam Tsui are educating millennial voters about the power of their vote — and hoping they'll use that power to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

By Dave Quinn
November 04, 2016 11:17 AM

Three of YouTube’s biggest stars are uniting to educate millennials on the value of their vote.

Todrick Hall, GloZell Green and Sam Tsui have created a series of videos urging young voters to head to the polls on Nov. 8 and vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The clips find each of the social media superstars surprising an unsuspecting fan in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio with an over-the top stunt. The fans don’t know the performance is coming. And they also don’t know who they’ll be voting for — or if they’ll be voting at all!

Hall, Green and Tsui hope to change that, of course, with their ambush events. They even point the undecideds to — where voters can find their local polling locations.

“We’re going to put on this whole surprise to remind [voters] that every voice matters and that we’re stronger together,” said Tsui. “So we’re doing all of this for a single vote because it’s that important.”

In his video, the 27-year-old singer performs an original song for undecided Ohio voter Christina called “One.” The track, written by Tsui and Casey Breves, tells Christina she can make a change now by raising her voice and speaking out on Election Day. “It only takes one,” Tsui sings.

Green is a little more playful in her video — jumping into a swimming pool filled with milk and cereal after Florida resident Juline agrees to vote.

“When I met Mrs. Clinton, I met the mom that she is, I met the daughter that she is, I met the grandma that she is,” Green said. “So if I have to knock on doors and meet fans and swim in cereal, that’s what I’m willing to do.”

“Voting is super important and your vote counts,” she added.

Hall took things up a notch with an energetic performance of his original song “Haterz” — this time with new lyrics by him and collaborator Chester Lockhart for all the voters who are “stronger together.”

The Kinky Boots star even brought along a marching band and a troupe of dancers to put on a show for Pennsylvania voter Briana. Afterwards, the pair — who both had never voted before — agreed to vote for Clinton.


“I think this is an emergency and that everybody that is watching this video needs to stop what they’re doing and vote,” Hall said. “Now — more than ever — every single’s person voice and opinion counts in this country. And I believe that Hillary Clinton truly represents what this country is about.”

“Since Beyoncé isn’t running. she’s the only obvious choice,” he joked.

Green agreed. “I know for sure that [Hillary’s] for civil rights, she’s for families, she’s for moms — she’s for all people,” Green said. “She’s the way to go – #ImWithHer!”

“Hillary Clinton is the only choice really for young people because of her stance on women’s rights, LGBT rights, climate chance, cultural and religious diversity,” preached Tsui. “I am the son of an immigrant, so that’s something really really important to me.”

Clinton has been working hard to pull in the millennial vote during her campaign — laying out policy agendas for the millennial generation and revealing specifics on her student debt and college affordability plan.