Match Group CEO Greg Blatt reportedly said during an earnings call Tuesday that there was a lot of "weirdness" after the election

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
May 03, 2017 04:23 PM
Credit: Olivier Douliery/Getty

Apparently the results of the presidential election did not put most U.S. Tinder users in the mood for love — or even a random hookup.

Match Group Chairman and CEO Greg Blatt, who oversees dating sites including Match and Tinder, said during an earnings call Wednesday that Tinder saw a drop in activity beginning in November and lasting through February, an apparent anomaly during what is typically a busy period for the dating site.

“The postelection was weird,” Blatt said, according to a tweet Wall Street Journal reporter Georgia Wells posted Wednesday afternoon.

WSJ colleague Akane Otani also shared a Market Talk report from Wells, which says that Blatt further stated that there was “a lot of weirdness” after the election.

Seeking Alpha, an investment research platform, also published a transcript of the call that included the quotes. A spokesperson for Tinder did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Several people replied to Wells on Twitter, explaining why the country was in no mood to swipe left or right after Donald Trump‘s shocking victory.

“I was scared of matching with a Trump voter. Deleted the app, ” wrote one user.

“When you’re deeply depressed and feel hopeless about the future your love life tends to suffer,” wrote another.

“This happened to me as well,” wrote another. “Just moped. Things were strange then.”

Tinder users had good reason to be hesitant about finding a mate who shared their political preferences. Although a majority of the app’s users preferred Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, a sizable minority were fans of Trump. According to the results of a “swipe the vote” poll released shortly before the election, 53% percent of Tinder users planned to vote for Clinton, versus 47% for Trump, New York’s Daily News reported.

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Globally, the poll results showed that 80% of Tinder user were with her — except for one notable exception.

Russia was the only country where the majority of users (a whopping 71%) said they would cast a ballot for Trump if they could.