"Donald Trump doesn't want any of us to vote because he knows he can't win fair-and-square," Sarah Cooper said


TikTok star Sarah Cooper, who gained popularity on the social media app for impersonating President Donald Trump, broke character during an appearance at Thursday night’s virtual Democratic National Convention.

“Let me say this in my own words,” Cooper, 42, said before dismissing Trump’s repeated false statements about mail-in voting.

“Nothing is more dangerous than his attacks on mail-in voting during a pandemic,” the comedian said, adding, “Donald Trump doesn’t want any of us to vote because he knows he can’t win fair-and-square.”

Trump, 74, has used social media in recent months to promote his attacks on mail-in voting, making incorrect claims about mail-in vs. absentee voting, which are essentially the same.

Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper
| Credit: Mindy Tucker

The Trump administration has also been criticized in recent weeks after Trump-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced plans to limit overtime for Postal Service workers, as well as the removal of the agency's famous blue mailboxes around the country.

After the proposed changes received a wave of backlash, DeJoy announced on Tuesday that he won’t follow through with the changes until after the election “to avoid even the appearance of impact on election mail," according to the Associated Press.

Voting experts are expecting to see a large increase in mail-in ballots this year’s election due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tammy Patrick, a senior advisor to the elections program at the bipartisan Democracy Fund organization, told PEOPLE that the best advice for voters is "not to wait" to request their ballots.

"The most important thing voters can do in this moment is not to wait," she said. "Don’t wait to request a ballot and don’t wait to return it. It’s quite possible that it’s going to take a bit of time and we know that just because of the pandemic.”

Cooper, who recently signed a deal with Netflix for a new comedy special titled Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine, urged viewers Thursday night to vote and told people that voting “is your right.”

“Don’t let Donald Trump take that away from you,” she said.