Tiffany Trump Has Some Fun with Anti-Donald Trump Card Game in New Instagram Story

Tiffany Trump seemed to have a little fun at her father's expense during a recent night on the town in Washington, D.C.

Tiffany Trump seemed to have a little fun at her father’s expense during a recent night on the town in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump’s younger daughter, 24, posted an Instagram story of her visit to D.C. hotspot HalfSmoke — including a photo of herself posing with “Trumped Up Cards,” a “Cards Against Humanity”-style game that pokes fun of the president’s catchphrases, hand size, hatred for the media and … well, there are 550 cards in the “bigly” deck so let’s just say the list goes on.

Trump captioned the photo “Milkshakes + games” and shared more images of her sipping a frothy drink and looking through the cards, according to The Washington Post andscreenshots of Trump’s Instagram story taken by the Daily Mail.


In one pic, Trump holds up a card featuring a cartoonish version of her father yelling, “So sue me!”

The Georgetown Law School student, who split with longtime boyfriend Ross Mechanic last year, was posing with an unidentified man in the photos but the nature of their relationship is unclear. A Trump Organization spokesperson did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Trump has a complicated relationship with her father. She was raised primarily by mom Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife, on the West Coast, and traditionally only visited her father during spring breaks or holidays.

But insiders told PEOPLE last month that behind the scenes, Trump’s already strained relationship with her father has hit new lows since he took office in January 2017, with the pair going months at a time without contact.

One source noted that Trump’s more liberal politics and views on women’s rights have also driven a wedge between her and her Republican father and other conservative family members.

The White House did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment at the time.

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