Leave it to Canadians to shine some light on an oftentimes dark election season


Leave it to Canadians to shine some light on an oftentimes dark presidential election season.

As Election Day 2016 draws near, a slew of Canada’s residents have banded together in a campaign called “Let’s Tell America It’s Great.

“Seems America could use some cheering up right about now,” the campaign’s website states. “As their closest friends and neighbours, we thought we should take a minute to help remind them that no matter how bad things might seem at the moment, there are lots of reasons why we think they’re still pretty great.”

In one of many videos posted on the website, a bunch of Canadian residents sent their “love notes” to Americans, gushing about what they believe makes the nation great.

“You’re so wonderful and warm and accommodating,” one person said in the video. Another added: “When things are tough, you fight to make them better.”

The campaign slogan appears to be a play on presidential hopeful Donald Trump‘s mantra, “Make America Great Again.”

As the videos made their way around the Internet, the Twittersphere took notice, and joined in on the positivity.

“You put a man on the moon, and you wrote a song about it. That’s really great stuff. Be proud. #tellamericanitsgreat,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person tweeted: “To my American brothers, sisters, and others, you are strong, you are beautiful, and this election will not break you. #tellamericanitsgreat.”

The campaign comes amid an attention-grabbing, headline-making election, with Hillary Clinton and Trump immersed in a fierce battle for the White House. Earlier this year, Google searches for “how to move to Canada” shot up just before the presidential hopefuls clinched the GOP and Democratic nominations respectively.

Now, as the election draws to a close, the presidential hopefuls will go head-to-head in their final debate on Wednesday in Las Vegas.