'That's True!' Donald Trump Laughs Off Being Called a 'Sexual Predator' in 2006 Howard Stern Interview

Donald Trump is seen in a video laughing alongside his children Ivanka and Donald Jr. after he is called a sexual predator on The Howard Stern Show in 2006

Yet another video has surfaced of Donald Trump, shedding light on the presidential candidate’s attitude’s toward women.

In a newly unearthed video, the GOP nominee is seen laughing after he’s called a “sexual predator” during a 2006 interview on The Howard Stern Show alongside his children Ivanka and Donald Jr.

“Donald, seriously. You know about sexual predators and things like that,” Stern says in the clip. His co-host Robin Quivers then chimed in: “You are one!”

Trump and Ivanka are then seen bursting into a fit of laughter, and the now-70-year-old is seen apparently saying, “That’s true. That’s true.”

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The presidential hopeful appeared on the show alongside his children to talk about the new season of his reality show The Apprentice, according to New York Magazine.

The exchange followed a discussion about Ivanka’s ex-boyfriend, James “Bingo” Gubelmann, with Stern asking Trump’s daughter whether she was still a virgin.

“Donald, do you ever discuss sex with your daughter?” Stern asked, to which Trump replied, “No.”

Neither Trump not Stern have publicly commented on the video.

Trump has come under fire after The Washington Post published a video of the presidential candidate making lewd comments about groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that was caught on a hot microphone.

Bush has been suspended from his position as a co-host on the Today show.

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Trump dismissed his comments as “locker room talk” and released a video-taped apology, although he has denied that he has ever made any unwanted sexual advances toward women.

In the wake of the tape’s release, Trump has faced assault accusations from several women claiming the presidential nominee touched them inappropriately without their permission. The New York Times reported two of the claims, and Trump has since called for the publication to retract the report.

A former PEOPLE reporter has also shared her story of being physically attacked by Trump, an allegation Trump has also vehemently denied.

In a fiery speech in Florida on Thursday, Trump continued to deny the claims, calling them “totally and absolutely false,” and vowing to sue the Times.

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