"I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn," Cruz tweeted after the former House speaker described him as "a reckless jack-ass who thinks he's smarter than everybody else"
Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz
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Sen. Ted Cruz is biting back at former House Speaker John Boehner, whose new memoir includes scathing descriptions of the Texas lawmaker — and an audiobook in which Boehner tells him to "go f--- himself."

Cruz, 50, responded to the former Republican leader on Saturday during an interview with The Daily Caller.

"I think he was probably recording at nine or ten in the morning so obviously he had too much wine that day already," Cruz quipped, referring to Boehner's well-known love of wine. "I don't get it, but this guy is a little unhinged."

He has also taken their war of words to Twitter, quote-tweeting a clip of Boehner's recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning in which the latter took aim at Cruz. "I don't beat anybody up, it's not really my style, except that jerk," said Boehner, 71.

"The Swamp is unhappy," Cruz wrote in response. "I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn. Please don't cry."

Cruz doubled down Monday morning, quote-tweeting some more excerpts from the interview, in which Boehner said of Cruz: "There's nothing worse than a reckless jackass who thinks he's smarter than everybody else."

"If you don't speak Swamp-creature, here's the translation," Cruz wrote back.

"'Stirring up some of the crazies of my own caucus to cause all kinds of problems' means 'encouraging elected Members of Congress to actually honor the promises they made to the voters & DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO,' " Cruz added.

Boehner has been promoting his new tell-all, On The House: A Washington Memoir, which comes out Tuesday.

According to previously released passages, the book sees Boehner reflecting candidly — and sometimes scathingly — on his conservative colleagues while in Congress during the Obama administration.

"There is nothing more dangerous than a reckless a------ who thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Senator Ted Cruz," Boehner writes in the book, which takes aim at the GOP "crazy town" that he says made governing near-impossible.

Boehner retired in 2015 amid tensions from managing his fractious GOP caucus in the House.

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John Boehner
John Boehner
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In a clip from the audiobook that leaked in February, the Ohio Republican told Cruz to "go f--- himself." Boehner's spokesman, David Schnittger, told PEOPLE at the time, "I can confirm there were some off-script moments during his recording of the audiobook."

"He pretty much just let it fly, as he did when he was working on the book itself," Schnittger added. "He's not really interested in being anything other than himself these days. That is kind of the spirit of the entire project."