"...dude...I know you're trying to raise your charisma to something better than soggy toast, but this...this ain't the way to do it"

By Adam Carlson
April 18, 2019 09:09 AM

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — a politician known for his orthodox beliefs and love of debate rather than his sense of humor — attempted a joke on Twitter on Wednesday after Disney announced it would donate $5 million to help rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral.

“Wonderful! Will we see Disney princesses in the new stained glass?” Cruz, 48, tweeted, seemingly unaware that the church’s iconic rose windows remained intact.

Other users were not pleased.

“You’re almost as funny as you are creepy,” one replied to Cruz.

Another user, who identified themselves as a native Parisian, wrote, “Just wanted to let you know the stained glass was spared by the fire (as you can see from this picture taken after the disaster). But now that I am here, I realise that you would make a perfect gargoyle.”

Wrote another, “…dude…I know you’re trying to raise your charisma to something better than soggy toast, but this…this ain’t the way to do it.”

Notre Dame, a global icon that sits at the heart of France, was gutted by a blaze on Monday that destroyed its centuries-old roof and spire. Its structure, however, survived as did many (but not all) of the artworks and religious artifacts inside.

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Sen. Ted Cruz
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Notre Dame fire
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris after much of it was burned on MOnday

In the days since the massive fire — which is reportedly believed to have been accidental while the church was undergoing significant renovations — approximately $1 billion has been pledged to help the cathedral be reconstructed.

That generosity gave rise to a related discussion, as some wondered why other damaged places of worship had not received similar support. The generosity then spread outward.

For example, hundreds of thousands of dollars were donated to repairing three historically black churches in Louisiana which were burned in what authorities believe were hate crimes.