"Bernie has ignited this spark and we're not letting that go," the outspoken actress said of her preferred candidate

Susan Sarandon isn’t ready to give up on Bernie Sanders.

In light of the news that Democratic officials allegedly plotted against a Sanders win, Sarandon defended the Vermont senator to TYT Politics at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Sunday, promising that his supporters are “all still here, we’re all committed.”

“Bernie has ignited this spark and we’re not letting that go, and for anyone that thought this was a cult of personality, you’re wrong,” she said. “When we said it was a movement and not a moment, we meant it.”

The outspoken Bernie fan called the alleged anti-Bernie plans “so disgusting,” but admitted that they didn’t come as a surprise.

“The critical question is: Does it matter?” Sarandon, 69, said. “Nixon resigned when they broke into the headquarters and now you find out all this tampering went on … and I think we really have to ask what’s happened to us in terms of what we’re willing to sacrifice to get our person in.”

She added: “What does it really say about us if this goes by unattended?”

The actress praised those, like herself, who have refused to let the information go unattended.

“I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen,” she said. “I’m really loving all these young people that are like, ‘No, I’m not accepting this.’ That’s a really good thing because that’s how this country was built.”

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Sarandon also offered an explanation as to why some Bernie fans may have taken up the mantle for Republican candidate Donald Trump rather than for Sanders’ fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, despite Sanders’ own support of Clinton.

“A lot of people felt disenfranchised, a lot of people are working so hard and getting nowhere, a lot of people are sick with politics, the way it is, and Bernie and Trump spoke to those people,” she said.

“It’s like the dark and the light … so will some of those people go over to the dark side?” Sarandon continued. “I don’t know, people are angry.”

As for Sarandon’s own plans for this November, she said she still isn’t sold on any of the candidates.

“You have to vote your conscience,” she said, echoing Ted Cruz’s Republican National Convention speech. “I’m waiting to hear something that speaks to me … I’m not buying [Clinton] until she offers me something.”

When journalist Ian McKenna tweeted a gif of Sarandon looking displeased at the convention, writing, “Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention,” Sarandon retweeted it and added, “Accurate.”

While attending the DNC on Monday, Sarandon was among those attendees seemingly unsatisfied with the pro-Clinton rhetoric.