May 07, 2017 08:10 AM

Saturday Night Live sought to get to the bottom of Kellyanne Conway’s whereabouts in a spoof of Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, asking: “Where in the world is Kellyanne Conway?”

The sketch features ACME Senior Agent Greg Lee (Mikey Day) trying to get a pair of gumshoes psyched to track her down. “Are you guys ready to help us find Kellyanne Conway?!” But, to no avail.

One gumshoe responds, “Well, we don’t want to find her.” Turns out that’s the seventh straight week contestants have passed on looking into where Conway — played here, of course, by Kate McKinnon, who wears a red trench and hat á la Ms. Sandiego — could be.

The question now being: Will they ever uncover Conway?

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