October 16, 2016 07:42 AM

Let’s get this nightmare started.

Saturday Night Live once again took on presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this weekend when they parodied the second debate — or as they called it, the “worst debate ever.”

Alec Baldwin returned to play Trump in the cold open, reminding viewers that he “once helped a kid” in “that documentary” Home Alone 2. (The real Trump had a very brief cameo in the movie.)

However, things eventually turned to the now infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape and Trump bringing women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and misconduct to the debate.

“Wait I’m sorry, who’s here?” Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, said after Trump announced that the women were in the audience. “Mistresses! Bill how could you? How will I go on with the debate? Now I’ll never be able to remember my facts and figures now, oh Donald how could you?

“No! Get real, I’m made of steel this is nothing, hi girls!”

Trump soldiered on, insisting that the Clintons tried to “silence” the women and their stories deserve to be heard. However, when asked what he thought about the growing list of women accusing him of sexual assault and misconduct, Trump said they needed to “shut the hell up.”

SNL also took on Trump’s lingering behind Clinton during the debate, which even the Democratic nominee said was a little strange.

Trump himself responded to the parody, calling it a “hit job” and saying that Baldwin’s impersonation “stinks.”

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays (11:30 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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