'SNL' 's Black President 'Darius Trump' Is Impeached in Soap Opera Parody: 'I Was Waiting on That'

Saturday Night Live is trying to answer the question: What if President Donald Trump was black?

Saturday Night Live is trying to answer the question: What if President Donald Trump was black?

In this week’s episode, SNL showed off a preview for fake new show Them Trumps, in which Darius Trump (Kenan Thompson) brushes off his recent legal troubles and tells his wife Malika (Leslie Jones), son Darius Jr. (Chris Redd) and daughter L’evanka (Ego Nwodim) that he will emerge unscathed — except he doesn’t.

“Sir, they know everything,” a White House adviser tells SNL‘s Trump in the Oval Office. “They know about Russia, they know you used campaign money to cover up an affair with Magic City stripper Cinnamon Mercedes and they know about the pyramid scheme you’ve been running through your company, Darius Trump Country Hams.”

Confident Trump assures the room that he can’t be locked up — because he’s the president.

“Maybe I’ve done some dirty things, but I’m making America great again, and what these feds don’t realize is, I’m the president, the most powerful man in the most respected office in the world. They can’t lock me up. And even though I may be black— ” he begins to say, before officers bust into the room.

“Freeze Trump, you’re under arrest,” one agent tells him.

Betraying no sign of surprise or upset, Trump simply replies, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

In a special preview of the next episode, Trump finds himself back in his office, where his family is shocked to see that he’s returned.

“There’s only one rule in America: You can’t prosecute a sitting president. It’s called checks and balances, baby. And even though I’m black,” Trump beings to say, before an aide enters to tell the president that it’s all over, as he’s been impeached.

“Yeah, I was waiting on that,” the fake Trump remarks.

While the possibility of a Trump impeachment remains uncertain, he was dealt a major blow in November after Michael Cohen — his former personal lawyer and self-described “fixer,” who previously pleaded guilty to eight criminal counts related to campaign-finance and financial violations in August — signed a plea agreement stating that he had lied to Congress regarding a real estate deal Trump was pursuing with Russia during the presidential election.

On Friday, prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office recommended that Cohen, despite all of his assistance in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, receive “a substantial term of imprisonment, one that reflects a modest downward variance from the applicable guidelines range,” CNN reported.

Cohen will be sentenced on Dec. 12.

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