Sean Spicer Has Some Advice for Melissa McCarthy's 'SNL' Impersonation of Him: 'Dial It Back'

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer acknowledged that he found the episode "funny"

Photo: Youtube

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer thinks Melissa McCarthy bit off more than she could chew with her SNL impression of him.

“[She] needs to slow down on the gum chewing. Way too many pieces in there,” Spicer told Extra of McCarthy’s gum-swallowing, podium-swinging spoof of him from Saturday night’s show.

Spicer, who spoke with Extra while in Houston for the Super Bowl, said he was bombarded with text messages after the skit went viral.

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While Spicer acknowledged that he found the episode “funny,” he added that Alec Baldwin crossed the line with his latest lampoon of President Donald Trump.

“Alec has gone from funny to mean, and that’s unfortunate,” Spicer said. “SNL used to be really funny. There’s a streak of meanness now that they’ve crossed over to mean.”

Spicer also spoke about McCarthy’s impersonation on Fox & Friends Monday morning, saying, “It was cute. It was funny.”

He added, “I would rather us be talking about the issues that the president is so committed to helping Americans on but, you know, it’s part of American culture.”

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