Sean Spicer says that Melissa McCarthy's impersonation of him at press conferences "wasn't funny"

By Yvonne Juris
July 22, 2017 01:15 PM

He’s not a fan.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Friday, outgoing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that he didn’t like Melissa McCarthy’s Saturday Night Live sketches that mocked his combative relationship with the press.

Spicer told Hannity that a lot of the sketches — which stretched over multiple episodes of the most recent season of the hit NBC show — were “over the line.” He also said that the skits that showed him being antagonistic toward the press weren’t “funny.”

“It wasn’t funny,” Spicer said. “It was stupid, or silly, or malicious.”

Spicer did concede that parts of the now-famous McCarthy skits did made him laugh.

“I think that there were parts of it that were funny, but there’s a lot of it that was over the line,” Spicer said.

McCarthy’s SNL impersonations of Spicer received widespread acclaim in the press, with her take on Spicer earning the actress an Emmy nomination.

After news broke that Spicer has resigned as White House Press Secretary on Friday, the comedy sketch show tweeted a video with clips from McCarthy’s segments with the short caption, “Spicey out.”

Spicer was often mocked for evading pressing questions posed by reporters about president Donald Trump‘s travel ban, climate change and Trump’s infamous tweets.

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When McCarthy debuted her routine in February — loaded with ample amounts of gum chewing, props and hostile comments — Spicer told Extra that she “needs to slow down on the gum chewing. Way too many pieces in there.” He also said that Alec Baldwin had “gone from funny to mean” in his now famous impersonation of Trump.

Spicer resigned as Trump’s press secretary on Friday afternoon, the same day the White House made its pick for the administration’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci.