Sarah Silverman to Booing 'Bernie or Bust' Supporters: 'You're Being Ridiculous'

Sanders supporters where unhappy with Silverman's unabashed support for Clinton

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While Democrats continue to struggle for unity at the Democratic National Convention, Sarah Silverman – a Bernie Sanders supporter who will be voting for Hillary Clinton – tried her best to bring everyone together.

As Silverman announced on Monday night that she “will vote for Hillary with gusto,” shouts of “Bernie! Bernie!” from the Sanders supporters clashed with “Hill-a-ry!” “Hill-a-ry!” from the Clinton supporters.

Silverman’s endorsement didn’t go over well with “Bernie or Bust” supporters, who immediately booed and renewed their chants.

“To the Bernie or Bust People, you’re being ridiculous,” she responded, as she was joined on stage by Minnesota Senator Al Franken.

Sanders supporters weren’t done though, as they offered more “Bernie!” shouts, which proved difficult to quiet.

Later on, Silverman took to Facebook sharing a backstage photo of her selfie and Sanders, which she captioned, “I’m plotzing over my friend Bernie.”

Silverman also spoke to CNN after the convention ended for the evening.

“No, it wasn’t scripted at all,” she said. “It was like an old-timey movie where we got to the part where we were introducing Paul Simon and the guy next to us was going [pantomimes stretching].”

Silverman also said that she was a Clinton supporter before she became a Sanders supporter.

“Hillary was always my person until I became aware of Bernie and I was swept off my feet,” she said.

The comedian also said she felt Sanders’ speech was effective in convincing his supporters to back Clinton.

“I think most Sanders supporters are reasonable people who realize Bernie and Hillary have so much in common – they have a lot of the same values,” she said.

That was hardly apparent on the convention floor.

Throughout the day’s speeches, Sanders’ delegates routinely and robustly jeered every mention of Clinton – a display that left Kim Netherton of Colorado sucking lozenges. “No confidence!” Netherton, 32, shouted as one Democrat after another stood at the lectern and celebrated Clinton as “the next president of the United States” and “the first woman president.”

“I have no trust that she’s going to do anything progressive,” Netherton told PEOPLE between shouts. “They can pretend that we don’t exist and that everything is normal and happy and unified, but it’s not true and those blinders are going to lose the White House to Donald Trump.”

In the Iowa delegation seats on the convention floor, Brian Gerjets, Jenny Gernhart and others stood and turned their backs when Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta took the stage and addressed Sanders’ voters, telling them, “This is your victory too!”

Gerjets and Gernhart held Clinton’s sanctioned “Love Trumps Hate” signs that they altered with a black marker to read “Bernie Trumps Trump” and “No HRC.”

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“They’re demanding unity without treating us equally or hearing us,” Gernhart said. “All these things they’re preaching about unity and equality and coming together and everyone has a voice – well they don’t listen to our voice.”

In the upper seats of the California delegation, the state’s deputy attorney general, Jodi Feldman of Sacramento, tells PEOPLE she burst into tears earlier in the day when Sanders told his delegates he wants them to vote for Clinton.

“I poured my heart and soul into this revolution. And the Clinton supporters are just voting for a vagina,” said Feldman, who was shouting “No on TPP!” or “Free education for all!” or “Single-payer health care!” to every mention of Clinton from the podium.

Beside Feldman, fellow Californian Michelle Ching, said: “Hillary delegates are telling is to have some respect as we cheer, as we boo, as we exercise our First Amendment rights. But it’s not very respectful of them to keep referring to her as our nominee even before the votes have been counted here.”

Those in favor of the Vermont senator’s candidacy also took the streets earlier in the day, protesting with signs that read “nominate Sanders or lose to Trump,” and “We are the 99 percent.”

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