Sarah Palin Opens Up About Daughter Bristol's Marriage to Dakota Meyer: 'That's the Best'

The Alaskan politician also shared that husband Todd is on the road to recovery after a snowmobile accident earlier this year

Photo: Inside Edition

Sarah Palin‘s family is bringing her plenty of happiness these days.

The former Alaska governor gushed about daughter Bristol‘s recent surprise marriage to Dakota Meyer in an interview with Inside Edition from the set of the newly revamped game show Match Game.

“That’s the best!” she said. “Bristol and Dakota and their little baby girl Sailor – it’s all good.”

Bristol and the Medal of Honor recipient have had a tumultuous relationship since meeting in 2014: They called off their first wedding in 2015 and were embroiled in a bitter custody dispute over 6-month-old Sailor earlier this year. In June, however, the pair announced they had secretly wed.

Palin shared that Dakota has already jumped right into life with the Palins, working with her husband Todd on the family’s commercial fishing boat.

“Dakota marries into the family and right off the bat we put him to work,” she said. “So, welcome to our family!”

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And as for Todd, who spent time in the intensive care unit this year after having a serious snowmobile accident in March, Palin shares that he is well on his way to a full recovery.

“He’s doing great,” Palin said. “He feels so much better. He’s out and about. He’s always like, ‘Don’t make me laugh!’ because his whole upper body is held together by metal and bands.”

Palin, who has come out in support of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, also put in her two cents about the upcoming presidential election.

“You can’t just be a thumbsucker and decide, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna show up, I’m gonna stay home, I’m not even gonna vote,’ ” she said. “Well, that’s the worst thing anybody can do.”

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