Sandra Lee Pens Sweet Graduation Wishes to Daughters of Boyfriend Governor Andrew Cuomo

Celebrity chef Sandra Lee sent sweet graduation wishes to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's daughters

Photo: Source: Sandra Lee/Facebook

Celebrity chef Sandra Lee sent sweet graduation wishes to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s daughters, sharing rare family photos from their celebrations on a boat in Boston.

“This weekend is graduation for two of my three daughters, Cara from Harvard and Mariah from…,” she said of her longtime love’s girls — whose mother is Kerry Kennedy — in a Facebook post on Thursday.

The 50-year-old continued, “Of these gifts, my greatest gift of all have been my three daughters. I became their weekend mom, their Semi-Homemade mom, when the twins were 10 and the youngest just turning 8—Our graduating twins are now 22.”

She explained how despite never giving birth to her own children, she can’t imagine loving any child “more than I do these three.”

“The thought that I had a hand in helping to raise such beautiful, kind, intelligent girls is amazing. But what I appreciate the most is that Andrew, my life partner and sweetheart, always included me, making me part of the family and the co-parent of these spectacular young women,” Lee said.

She also shouted out the girls’ mother, who is the daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy.

“I also appreciate their Mommy/Mom, Kerry, for allowing me to be so involved, for being so unselfish and for always extending invitations to me, treating me as part of the girls’ family and for always supporting my relationship with her gorgeous daughters…….for basically being a wonderful woman.”

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Lee wrapped up her post with congratulatory words for the graduates.

“Cara and Mariah, Congratulations. I love you, love you, love you,” she wrote.

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