Russia Weighs in on Michael Flynn Controversy with Bizarre Hamburger Tweet

Twitter is trying to decode the Russian embassy's cryptic hamburger tweet

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Russian Embassy to the U.S. sent out a mysterious tweet on Monday that appeared to link the controversy surrounding President Trump‘s embattled ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn to … a table full of hamburgers.

Flynn resigned on Monday evening amid accusations that he had discussed lifting U.S. sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador last December. Earlier that same day, the embassy took to its official Twitter account to claim that “there have been no talks” of the kind ― and inexplicably included an image of a table lined with burgers, fries, ketchup bottles and paper towels.

Twitter was understandably baffled and set to work trying to decode the cryptic hamburger tweet.

While Twitter users may differ on their hamburger-fueled conspiracy theory of choice, most seem united in their skepticism over Russia’s claim.

One user even dusted off the ubiquitous “Sure, Jan” meme to drive that point home.

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