Rush Limbaugh's Death Certificate Released

For his occupation, the certificate lists "greatest radio host of all time"

Rush Limbaugh's death certificate has been released.

The document, obtained by PEOPLE, says Limbaugh died at 1 a.m. on Feb. 17 in his Palm Beach, Florida, home and was buried in St. Louis.

For his occupation — in a detail in keeping with Limbaugh's style — it lists "greatest radio host of all time."

The certificate was filed on Feb. 19 and issued on Feb. 23. TMZ first reported on it.

Limbaugh's wife, Kathryn Limbaugh, is listed as the person who provided the information for the document, TMZ noted.

Kathryn first announced Rush's death, of complications from lung cancer, while appearing on his show on Feb. 17. She called him "larger than life."

His popularity as a right-wing radio host, still drawing more than 15 million listeners weekly, was inextricable from his long history of provocation and insult.

The talk-radio titan profited greatly over the years from his career, making hundreds of millions of dollars from his daily show and its offshoots, according to Vanity Fair.

Rush Limbaugh
Shepard Sherbell/CORBIS SABA/Corbis via Getty

A pioneering say-anything radio host, Rush made numerous inflammatory comments over the years: mocking former President Barack Obama as "Barack the Magic Negro"; relishing the deaths of AIDS victims; and savaging women's activism, including calling a college student advocating for contraception a "slut."

Over the years, he also apologized for some of these remarks but steadfastly stood by others, and his audience remained loyal to his point of view on the issues of the day.

In announcing Rush's death, Kathryn, 44, said his focus had always been his fans.

"I, like you, very much wish Rush was behind this golden microphone right now, welcoming you to another exceptional three hours of broadcasting," she said. "For over 32 years, Rush has cherished you, his loyal audience, and always looked forward to every single show."

Rush Limbaugh, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh
Kathryn and Rush Limbaugh. Drew Angerer/Getty

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"As so many of you know, losing a loved one is terribly difficult — even more so when that loved one is larger than life," she said then.

Rush was buried on Feb. 24 in his home state of Missouri "at a wonderful cemetery called Bellefontaine" in St. Louis, Kathryn said on The Rush Limbaugh Show earlier this month.

The event, which Kathryn described as having taken place on "an absolutely gorgeous day," was attended by "an extremely limited number of immediate family" given the COVID-19 pandemic but "was very worthy of" her husband.

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