Giuliani appeared on a larger-than-normal stage on Thursday night to play a familiar role

Ivanka Trump
Rudy Giuliani speaking Thursday at the Republican National Convention.
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Rudy Giuliani appeared on a larger-than-normal stage on Thursday night to play a familiar role: defending Donald Trump, decrying lawlessness — in New York City specifically — and supporting police.

It was a standard, if impassioned, Republican National Convention speech with an energy that sometimes approached the enthusiasm of Kimberly Guifloyle earlier in the week.

"Don’t let Democrats do to America what they have done to New York," said the former New York City mayor and Republican presidential candidate, who is Trump's personal attorney. "Again the Democrats are urging you to vote for an obviously defective candidate. Biden has changed his principles so often, he no longer has any principles. He’s a Trojan horse."

Giuliani, 76, went on to note the "unforgivable police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis" but said that the laudable national demonstrations had — in his words  — been "hijacked" by activists with Black Lives Matter and antifa, both of whom are familiar conservative targets though there is no evidence the protests are being co-opted on a mass scale.

Giuliani spoke in hyperbolic terms of "continuous riots" and said, "All five of the top cities for homicides, like the top cities for rioting and looting, are governed by 'progressive' Democrats using the 'progressive Democrat' approach to crime, which is to do nothing substantive to reduce it."

Contrary to this, many of the protests have been peaceful though some have spasmed into violence and destruction, which has been widely criticized by politicians from both parties.

Giuliani, however, underlined his close relationship with the president in enthusiastically describing him — and only him — as the politician for this moment.

"President Trump with his boundless love of our country and all our people, his disciplined work ethic, his exceptional ability to inspire and his deep understanding of our system of government … is the man we can trust to preserve and even improve our way of life," Giuliani said.

In a more emotional turn, he reflected on the deaths of some young Black people such as LeGend Taliferro, saying Republicans supported an end to violence that in his view had been overlooked: "All black lives matter. ... All lives matter to us."

Voice rising to an exclamation, Giuliani concluded: "Mr. President, make our nation safe again!"