October 13, 2017 12:09 PM

It’s that awkward Chris Christie moment all over again — but this time with a musical score to match!

Twitter couldn’t help but notice Sen. Rand Paul’s apparent discomfort on Thursday as President Donald Trump entered the Oval Office to sign an executive order unwinding parts of the Affordable Care Act.

While Paul and the White House collaborated on the action, he has been highly critical in the past of both President Trump and other recent Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare, which the Kentucky Republican said didn’t go far enough.

It’s unclear exactly what made Paul look so uncomfortable on Thursday, but the internet was happy to speculate.

One Twitter user thought the awkward moment had a decidedly Curb Your Enthusiasm vibe:

Another Twitter user thought Paul looked more like “a Wes Anderson character caught in the middle of an existential crisis.”

Or, another commenter observed, “like seeing your boyfriend’s ex at a party.”

In another noteworthy moment from the signing, Trump seemed to briefly forget the entire reason why he was there.

After delivering remarks to the room full of health care and business executives and a few members of Congress, the president headed for the door. Vice President Mike Pence quickly grabbed Trump by the shoulder and reminded him that he hadn’t actually signed the executive order yet.

Trump returned and signed the document and said, “Congratulations to everybody.”

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