Spokane NAACP Postpones Rachel Dolezal's First Public Appearance Since Race Scandal Broke

The local NAACP leader was set to make a statement on Monday

Photo: Tyler Tjomsland/The Spokesman-Review/AP

Embattled local NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal announced on Saturday that she was going to address the ongoing controversy over her ethnicity in a public statement Monday night, according to the Associated Press.

The executive committee of the NAACP branch in Spokane, Washington, where Dolezal is president, will also release a statement about the matter, Dolezal said in a message to members, according to the AP.

“As you probably know by now, there are questions and assumptions swirling in national and global news about my family, my race, my credibility, and the NAACP. I have discussed the situation, including personal matters, with the Executive Committee.

“I support their decision to wait until Monday to make a statement. The Executive team asked that I also release my response statement at the same time, which will be during the 7-9 p.m. monthly membership meeting,” Dolezal said.

However, shortly afterwards, the Spokane NAACP announced via Facebook that they would be postponing the meeting in order to “continue discussion with regional and national NAACP leaders.”

Dolezal has faced a rising tide of accusations from family members that she has been claiming she was biracial for years, when she is, in fact, white.

Spokane police have suspended investigations into Dolezal’s claims that she was the victim of racial harassment, officials tell PEOPLE; and the city is looking into whether she lied about her ethnicity when she applied to be on its police board.

In recent news interviews, Dolezal has repeatedly been indirect about the specifics of her ethnicity.

“We’re all from the African continent,” she told the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

But Dolezal has dismissed her family’s accusations as the result of years-long acrimony and estrangement, including undisclosed litigation and allegations of abuse.

With reporting by DIANE HERBST

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