Pro-Athletes to Trump: Please Stop Saying 'Locker Room Talk'

Professional athletes have a message for Donald Trump: not in our locker rooms

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Professional athletes have a message for Donald Trump: not in our locker rooms.

Former and current athletes took to social media Sunday night to refute the presidential nominee’s dismissal of his lewd comments about groping women as simply “locker room talk.”

In Sunday’s town hall-style debate, the presidential nominee denied that he had sexually assaulted women after a leaked video captured him bragging about making uninvited sexual advances towards women.

“It’s locker room talk, and it’s one of those things,” he said before changing the subject. “I will knock the hell out of ISIS.”

Many Republican leaders have begun to distance themselves from Trump following the release of the 2005 tape on which Trump can be heard bragging that because of his fame he could “grab [women] by the p—y” to suspended Today show contributor Billy Bush.

“When you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump can be heard saying of women. “You can do anything.”

“Grab them by the p—-,” he adds. “You can do anything.”

Professional athletes were less than thrilled by Trump’s assertion that comments like this were common in men’s locker rooms.

In a series of tweets Sunday night, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley said he was “appalled” by Trump’s comments and those who defended them.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Kendall Marshall insisted that sexual advances without consent were not a common topic of discussion in men’s locker rooms.

L.A. Galaxy left back Robbie Rogers added that he was “offended” by Trump’s characterization of the remarks.

Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle shared a similar reaction.

Jacob Tamme, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, summed up his debate-viewing experience by saying he needed another shower.

Tamme clarified his comments Monday morning by saying that normalizing this sort of language is wrong. “I refuse to let me son think that ‘this is how men speak,’ ” he wrote.

UFC mixed martial artist CM punk said Trump’s comment about groping was “a Ted Bundy quote.”

And LA Clippers power forward Blake Griffin added that while Trump’s comments were not common to locker rooms, another aspect of his debate performance was.

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