The noted basketball fan's press secretary said this week that President Barack Obama has "discussed" being a part owner of a professional team

By Andrea Park
June 23, 2016 09:55 AM
Susan Walsh/AP

Once they leave the White House, some presidents travel around the country for speaking engagements, others take up painting and still others … become NBA team owners?

President Barack Obama is apparently considering just that, with press secretary Josh Earnest revealing Wednesday in a White House press briefing that POTUS has shown interest in being part of an NBA franchise ownership group, “potentially, if the opportunity arose, under the right circumstances.”

Obama previously hinted at these post-presidency plans in November, when he told GQ he would “absolutely” like to be a part owner of an NBA team.

“I have fantasized about being able to put together a team and how much fun that would be,” he said. “I think it’d be terrific.”

So, which team could potentially be helmed by a former president?

Obama is a noted fan of his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, but he recently announced that he will be staying in Washington, D.C. while daughter Sasha finishes high school – so the Washington Wizards might be an option as well.

He has also spent time with Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry (who he challenged to a fierce game of Connect Four) and this weekend tweeted his support for the Cleveland Cavaliers after their NBA Finals win.

In other words, it’s anyone’s guess as to which team the outgoing president could choose to make his own.