Pregnant Meghan McCain Remembers Her Late Father John: 'I Miss You Every Day'

John McCain's wife Cindy also paid tribute to the late politician on Father's Day

ABC's "The View" - Season 20
Photo: Heidi Gutman/ABC

Meghan McCain is honoring her late father, John McCain.

On Sunday, the pregnant View co-host, 35, shared a photo of her patriarch on Instagram, writing, "Happy Father’s Day Dad ~ I miss you every day."

Her mother Cindy also shared a tribute to the late senator. "Happy Fathers Day John. I wish we were together celebrating up at our cabin, but somehow I know you are with me," she said.

This year's holiday marks the first time Meghan is celebrating as a mom-to-be. In March, she and her husband Ben Domenech announced they are expecting their first child.

“Although this isn’t how I expected to announce my pregnancy, both we and our families are excited to share the news with you all,” McCain wrote on Instagram, over a week after nationwide shutdowns over the COVID-19 pandemic began happening across the U.S.

The couple married in November 2017 after moving up their wedding in order for her father to be able to witness his daughter's marriage.

Sen. McCain was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, a rare and highly aggressive form of brain cancer, in July 2017. “I felt like a nuclear bomb went off in my life," Meghan, who has an extremely close relationship with her late father, said then. "I was a mess. I was barely functioning.”

The politician died from brain cancer in August 2018 and his daughter has since memorialized him on holidays, including Father's Day.

Meghan often talks about her late father and has voiced concerns that holidays, like Father's Day, can be emotional for children who have lost their parents. Last year, McCain tweeted out her concerns and asked social media followers to share stories about their late fathers using the hashtag #deaddadsclub, with the hopes of bringing support to others grieving the holiday.

“I continue to believe the more open, honest and transparent conversations we have about the albatross that is grief and our cultures reticence to address it, the better off we all will be,” the View co-host wrote on Instagram last October. “Dealing with my own grief I have been shocked at the lack of resources and conversation we readily have as Americans.”

In January, McCain appeared to make a strong breakthrough by visiting her family's Arizona home for the first time since her dad's passing. “I’m really looking forward to having some much-needed family time,” McCain told PEOPLE about her early 2020 visit back home.

Now, with a baby on the way, McCain and Domenech are gearing up to become parents themselves.

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