Obama White House Photographer Pete Souza Continues to Troll President Trump With New Book, 'SHADE'

The former White House photographer has found a new way to poke fun at the Trump administration

When former White House photographer Pete Souza first went viral for trolling President Trump with photographs from the Obama administration on Instagram, he admitted to PEOPLE that he initially didn’t know what “throwing shade” meant. But he definitely does now.

On Wednesday, his publisher Little, Brown and Company announced the title of his new book, SHADE: A Tale of Two Presidents, which will publish on Oct. 16.

“During the past year, I have been as distressed as anyone by the lies and hate emanating from the current administration,” the 63 year old said, according to the book’s press release. “I began to use my personal Instagram account to throw shade at what was happening in the White House.”

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He added, “Since then, I’ve been inspired by the comments I’ve received from many people who have posted on Instagram, sent me emails, or talked to me at my speaking events around the country. Many have suggested that I package my photographs and commentary into a book.”

Souza’s previous book, OBAMA: An Intimate Portrait, features moving photographs of President Obama that capture the most joyful and heart-wrenching moments during his time in the White House. This new book will include more than 100 photos that didn’t appear in OBAMA, according to the release. SHADE will give new meaning to the images from Obama’s presidency by juxtaposing them with tweets, headlines, and statements from President Trump and his administration.

Most recently, Souza wrote on Instagram: “Back when our President was respected around the world and not unhinged by the rule of law.”

“In addition to throwing shade, this book shines a light on the presidency and on our individual roles as citizens,” said Reagan Arthur, the Senior Vice President and Publisher of Little, Brown and Company, in the statement, “reminding each of us how much our votes and voices matter.”

Pete Souza

Souza, who shot almost two million photos while serving as Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama, now has close to two million Instagram followers. And they love his sly, and timely, humor.

Recently, he noted that former President Obama always made a point of getting his wife a birthday gift, unlike President Trump.

“Singing Happy Birthday to the First Lady in 2013. He always gave her a present too,” Souza captioned a shot of the 44th president serenading Michelle Obama.

Souza has also used his Instagram page to point out the lack of women in Trump’s administration, his rocky first 100 days in office, his eyebrow-raising “shove” of a NATO leader, and much more.

“It’s funny that people think I had some grand strategy. I didn’t,” Souza told PEOPLE last fall when asked about his intention behind his popular posts.

“I didn’t even realize what I was doing, to be honest with you,” Souza said while promoting his previous book. “I had to look up what the term ‘throwing shade’ meant.”

He added: “[Now] I think it’s better not even to talk about it, to just let it speak for itself. Respectful and subtle … People judge it for what it is, which is fine by me.”

SHADE goes on sale Oct. 16.

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