Obama Photographer Points Out That Barack Was Never Too 'Busy' to Get a Birthday Gift for Michelle

Pete Souza said Barack Obama "always" got wife Michelle a birthday gift

Former White House photographer Pete Souza observed that former President Barack Obama always got his wife more than a simple shout-out on a morning talk show for her birthday.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump made headlines when he called into Fox and Friends on wife Melania Trump‘s 48th birthday — and got defensive when pressed about his present to her.

Trump kicked off the interview by explaining, “I picked a very, very special day because it’s Melania’s birthday. So I said, ‘Let’s do it on Melania’s birthday.’ So happy birthday to Melania.”

But his tone grew less effusive when asked what he got his third wife for her special day: “Well, I better not get into that because I may get in trouble.

“Maybe I didn’t get her so much,” he then admitted. “I tell you what, she has done — I got her a beautiful card. You know, I’m very busy to be running out looking for presents, okay! But I got her a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers.”

After the interview, Souza took to Instagram to once again point out the stark differences between the two presidential couples.

“Singing Happy Birthday to the First Lady in 2013. He always gave her a present too,” Souza captioned a shot of the 44th president serenading his bride.

Souza, 63, has repeatedly trolled Trump on social media since the 45th president took office, using his popular Instagram page to point out the lack of women in Trump’s administration, his rocky first 100 days in office, his eyebrow-raising “shove” of a NATO leader, and much more — all while using photos from the Obama administration to point out startling contrasts between the two presidencies.

“It’s funny that people think I had some grand strategy. I didn’t,” Souza told PEOPLE last fall when asked about his intention behind his popular posts, which have earned him a reputation as a master at throwing shade.

“I didn’t even realize what I was doing, to be honest with you,” Souza said while promoting his book, Obama: An Intimate Portrait. “I had to look up what the term ‘throwing shade’ meant.”

He added: “[Now] I think it’s better not even to talk about it, to just let it speak for itself. Respectful and subtle … People judge it for what it is, which is fine by me.”

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