First Listen of PEOPLE's New Podcast on Chappaquiddick, the Kennedy Scandal That Left One Woman Dead

Sen. Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick scandal is the subject of Cover-Up, a new weekly podcast series from PEOPLE

On July 18, 1969, Sen. Ted Kennedy’s car crashed off a small bridge on the tiny Massachusetts island of Chappaquiddick and plunged into the dark waters below, killing 28-year-old passenger and political aide Mary Jo Kopechne — and sparking a mystery that endures to this day. Now the tragic car accident is the subject of Cover-Up, a new weekly podcast series from PEOPLE exploring the unanswered questions surrounding that fateful night.

Why did Kennedy, the youngest son of America’s most powerful political dynasty, wait ten hours after he escaped the wreckage to report Kopechne’s death? And why does her death haunt those who knew her to this day?

In seven episodes, PEOPLE’s east coast editor, Elizabeth McNeil, seeks to answer these questions and more by interviewing the diver who pulled Kopechne’s body from the car, the police chief who was the first official on the scene, Kopechne’s aunt (and only living relative) and dozens of others who played a part in what became a political scandal that badly scarred Kennedy’s career.

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“After all these years, the mysteries surrounding Chappaquiddick and the Kennedy family continue to fascinate the public,” says Jess Cagle, editor in chief of PEOPLE. “Cover-Up is a captivating, thought-provoking series that involves key figures from Camelot to Watergate, creating a compelling narrative that centers around the Kennedys, America’s most storied political dynasty. PEOPLE is excited to debut its first podcast series with content that is engaging and topical.”

Cover-Up, PEOPLE’s first podcast series, premieres May 31 and airs through July 19 on Apple Podcasts Spotify, Google Play, and wherever podcasts are available. Listen to the trailer and subscribe free now on Apple Podcasts.

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