From Donald Trump's alleged "mental decline," to the way he allegedly "covets" daughter Ivanka, here are the most disturbing claims that Omarosa has made about the president in her new book
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Omarosa Manigault Newman created a stir as a TV villain on Donald Trump‘s reality show The Apprentice, and her new book is proof she hasn’t lost her flair for controversy. Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, which released Tuesday, is filled with so many shocking claims about Trump that his campaign has filed for arbitration, accusing the former White House aide of violating the terms of a 2016 nondisclosure agreement.

(Manigault Newman’s attorney, John Phillips, told PEOPLE in a statement: “At this time, we haven’t seen any legal action and don’t have a comment on it.”)

Here are the five biggest claims from the book, which has so enraged the president that, in the past 24 hours, he’s called Newman a “dog” with “zero credibility.”

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has also issued a statement saying that the book “is riddled with lies and false accusations,” adding that “it’s sad that a disgruntled former White House employee is trying to profit off these false attacks, and even worse that the media would now give her a platform, after not taking her seriously when she had only positive things to say about the President during her time in the administration.”

And in a press briefing on Tuesday, Sanders said, “It wasn’t until this individual started to negatively attack this president and this administration, and try to tear this entire place down, that she received the type of platform and roll-out that she’s getting.”

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1. She suspects Trump ‘covets’ his daughter, Ivanka.

In the book, Manigault Newman, 44, who was fired from her White House position in December 2017, writes that Trump’s relationship with his daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka, frequently crosses the line of “appropriate father/daughter behavior.”

“As long as I’d known Trump, I’d observed the way he hugs, touches, and kisses Ivanka; the way she calls him Daddy,” Manigault Newman writes. “In my opinion, based on my observations, their relationship goes right up to the line of appropriate father/daughter behavior and jumps right over it. I believe he covets his daughter. It’s uncomfortable to watch them.”

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2. Manigault Newman alleges that Trump is a “racist” and was recorded using the “N-word.”

In one particularly contested allegation, Manigault Newman claims a number of sources told her that Trump was recorded repeatedly using the “N-word” while filming The Apprentice. In her book, she says she only heard about the contents of the alleged tape from others, but now she claims to have since listened to the tape herself.

On Tuesday theformer aide released a tape to CBS in which multiple Trump advisers can be heard discussing the possible existence of the alleged tape during the 2016 campaign, according to CBS.

Controversy has swirled around the possible existence of the tape because there have been so many conflicting stories.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz, who said he was cited as one of Manigault Newman’s sources, tweeted his rejection of her claims.

“I’m in @Omarosa’s book on page 149. She claims to have heard from someone who heard from me that I heard Trump use the N-word. Not only is this flat-out false (I’ve never heard such a thing), but Omarosa didn’t even make an effort to call or email me to verify. Very shoddy work,” he tweeted.

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3. Trump reportedly uses a tanning bed in the White House every morning.

Not only does Trump reportedly use his tanning bed every morning so that he “looks good” all day, it was also the reason he fired chief White House usher Angella Reid. According to Manigault Newman, Trump had Reid removed because he thought she mishandled the transportation of his tanning bed to the White House.

Trump’s former aide also comments on his dietary habits in her book. Calling the president “clearly obese,” she alleges that he drinks eight cans of Diet Coke per day. She further claims that she once gave him a study about the risks of drinking too much Diet Coke but that he did not read it.

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Eric Trump, Donald Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.
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4. The president reportedly called Don Jr. a “f—up.”

In Unhinged, Manigault Newman reveals the president was furious at son Donald Trump Jr. after he voluntarily released emails about his Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.

On July 11, 2017, Trump Jr. released the email correspondence between him and publicist Rob Goldstone, who offered to arrange a meeting with a “Russian government attorney.” Goldstone wrote that the attorney had information that could “incriminate” Hillary Clinton, according to CNN.

“If it’s what you say, I love it,” Trump Jr. wrote.

In public, President Trump was supportive of his son’s transparency.

“Don is — as many of you know Don — he’s a good boy,” Trump said during an off-record chat the following day. “He’s a good kid. And he had a meeting, nothing happened with the meeting.”

But, in private, Manigault Newman writes that Trump’s reaction was entirely different. She describes approaching the president on the day the email chain came out and offering her condolences.

“I’m sorry to hear about Don,” she remembers telling Trump.

“He is such a f—up.” Trump said, according to Newman. “He screwed up again, but this time he’s screwing us all, big time!”

5. She claims the president is in “mental decline.”

Manigault Newman paints a portrait of Trump as a man in “mental decline,” who would “forget from one day to the next.”

“He was distracted, irritable, and short,” she writes.“I was going over his speech, but he couldn’t retain any of the bullet points. I went over them again and again, and what he should say to the press after the event.”

She adds, “But he couldn’t remember the key points and stumbled over the large words, which we scratched out and replaced with simpler terms.” Manigault Newman also writes that Trump reads at an “eighth- or ninth-grade level.”

Now Manigault Newman, once a loyal Trump supporter, is reckoning with what she sees as the perils of Trump’s presidency.

“Trump’s charisma is all that matters. He has an ability to convince you that he’s right, and that everything is going to be fine,” Newman writes. “You choose to believe because the alternative is terrifying, that’s he’s not equipped with the basic skills to make crucial decisions that will impact the lives of millions of Americans and billions of people around the world.