Omarosa Manigault Newman also released another allegedly secret recording through the show on Monday, this one featuring a conversation that she had with the president after her firing

Omarosa Manigault Newman‘s interview on Today got heated, Monday, as Savannah Guthrie grilled the former aide to the president about her time in Donald Trump‘s White House.

Manigault Newman — who was on the morning show to promote her new book, Unhinged — claimed at one point during the sit-down that Guthrie, 46, was asking questions too quickly.

Guthrie started, “Do you think the president lies often?” to which Manigault Newman replied, “Oh absolutely, in fact —”

Before the 44-year-old could respond, Guthrie questioned, “How long have you known that?” Manigault Newman began, “There was a report that said that he lied almost 4,000 lies in the last — ” before Guthrie pressed again, “Have you known that he is a liar as you say?”

Manigault Newman answered, “Well, absolutely.”

Asked Guthrie, “Why did you work for him?” Manigault Newman retorted, “Savannah, slow down. I’m gonna your question. Don’t worry, I’m here. I’ve got all the time you need. You don’t have to ask 10 questions in one second. It’s okay.”

“First of all, he is known to be an entertainer, to exaggerate,” Manigault Newman continued. “I never expected him to lie to the country. I thought that he would take his oath of office seriously, that he would be committed to advancing this country. But instead, as I stated, there was a report that said he has said something like 4,000 lies since he’s taken office. So he absolutely has an issue with the truth, and sometimes he battles with reality.”

Later in the interview, Manigault Newman discussed her claim that a tape exists of Trump saying the N-word on The Apprentice, the former reality series that she once appeared on.

Manigault Newman, who said that Trump is recorded on three minutes of audio saying the word, commented, “He was talking about some African Americans in the production during the course of The Apprentice, which is unacceptable. Here’s the thing. Why don’t we ask Donald Trump a simple question — ‘Donald J. Trump, have you ever used the N-word?’ — and allow him to respond? Because the people who have this tape intend to release this tape.”

Credit: Today Show

Guthrie asked Manigault Newman why she denied that Trump is racist the day after she was fired in February.

“I had just been threatened by General [John] Kelly who said that things could get ugly for me, that there would be damage to my reputation. So I was being very careful,” said Manigault Newman, who just released an alleged secret recording of Kelly, the Chief of Staff, firing her. “I was very concerned about my well-being, about what these powerful people would do to me after they threatened me.”

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Manigault Newman released another allegedly secret recording through the show on Monday, this one featuring a conversation that she had with the president after her firing.

In the audio tape, President Trump seemed shocked to hear that Kelly had asked Manigault Newman to leave, stating, “Nobody even told me about it.”

Prodded by Guthrie to reveal how she was able to secretly record conversations — specifically the one with Kelly, allegedly taped in the secure Situation Room — Manigault Newman stated, “I’ll just leave that to your imagination.”

Manigault Newman said she wasn’t concerned about legal repercussions for recording the conversations, claiming to Today, “I have protections. The moment I decided to blow the whistle on a lot of the corruption going on in the White House, there are protections that are afforded to me.”

Asked about Manigault Newman’s book on Saturday, the president simply called her a “lowlife,” according to a White House pool report.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also issued a statement saying that Unhinged “is riddled with lies and false accusations,” adding that “it’s sad that a disgruntled former White House employee is trying to profit off these false attacks, and even worse that the media would now give her a platform, after not taking her seriously when she had only positive things to say about the president during her time in the administration.”