Olivia Wilde Has a Thanksgiving Day Message for Ivanka Trump

Olivia Wilde called used Instagram to urge Ivanka Trump to advocate for a clean DREAM Act

On Thanksgiving Day, Olivia Wilde is fighting for thousands of DREAMers.

The 33-year-old actress called out Ivanka Trump in a Thanksgiving Day Instagram post after realizing the businesswoman is following her on the social media app.

Wilde asked the president’s daughter, 36, to use her White House influence to advocate for a “CLEAN Dream Act” — an unaltered version of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (also known as DACA).

“I see you’re following me on Instagram. This Thanksgiving I would be grateful if you use the influence you have to advocate for a CLEAN Dream Act by December,” she began. “Every day that passes without a clean Dream Act means anxiety and deportation for immigrant youth.”

She added: “7,901 youth have already lost DACA and 122 more will lose it each day. Thank you and happy holidays.”

Many social media users took to the comment section of the post to praise Wilde for advocating for DREAMers, a group of over than 800,000 young immigrants that came to the United States when they were children and made their lives here, but are now facing the threat of deportation due to the imminent revocation of the DACA program.

The DACA program was created by the Obama administration in 2012. It allowed young undocumented immigrants to work, study and get driver’s licenses if they came to this country as children.

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The mandate also protected them from deportation. In September, President Donald Trump decided to end the program, leaving the future of hundreds of thousands of immigrants uncertain.

Earlier this week, Ellen DeGeneres showed her support for DREAMers. The popular host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show wore a black shirt emblazoned with the message ‘We Are All Dreamers’ in white letters in an Instagram photo.Others stars who have spoken out in favor of immigration reform and DREAMers include Lin Manuel Miranda, Luis Fonsi, Gina Rodriguez and America Ferrera.

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