Olivia Wilde Says Attacks Against Hillary Clinton Are 'Pure Sexism'

Olivia Wilde says she believes voters should be more concerned with Hillary Clinton's political record than how she looks or acts

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Olivia Wilde is sounding off about sexual politics in politics.

While many of Hollywood’s top leading ladies are speaking out about the unequal treatment of women within the film industry, Wilde is voicing her opinion on sexism on the campaign trail.

The actress, 31, is calling out the people who she believes are criticizing Hillary Clinton based on her gender, not her merit.

“It’s pure sexism,” she told the Daily Beast. “This bulls— about her not seeming ‘warm’ enough is pure misogyny.”

She continued: “It’s ridiculous. I think she’s one of the loveliest, most personable politicians I’ve ever met – much warmer than other politicians, in fact. That’s pure sexism.”

Wilde believes voters should be more concerned with Clinton’s political record, which Wilde says “speaks for itself,” than how she looks or acts.

“She s an incredibly skilled debater and her intelligence and experience speaks for itself,” Wilde said. “That’s the thing about Hillary – when people stop scheming to take her down with bulls—-, her actual resume speaks for itself.”

The Meadowland actress has not been shy about showing her support for the presidential hopeful in the past months. Not only did she introduce Clinton at a campaign event back in June, but she has also come to Clinton’s defense numerous times on Twitter.

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“Hillary Clinton’s emails are about as scandalous as my grandmother’s recipe for tater-tots. What a waste of newsprint. Focus on real issues,” she tweeted last month.

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